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Christian Counselling

Sometimes you may feel you want to speak to a counsellor who understands how important your faith is to you. You may also want to speak to a counsellor who has a Christian outlook and values. The ACC defines Christian counselling as activities that “seek to help people towards constructive change and growth in any or every aspect of their lives, through a caring relationship…. carried out by a counsellor who has a Christian worldview, values and assumptions.”
Every individual is different, every Christian is different. As such, Christian counselling doesn’t make any judgments or assumptions about your faith or your beliefs. Christian counselling is an approach that recognises the spiritual side of how you interpret your environment, and is sensitive to that. It is also biblically based and understands that your worldview is impacted by your beliefs.
Christian counselling is not an opportunity to be preached at, lectured or judged; quite the opposite. It is an approach which seeks to promote your emotional and physical wellbeing in line with Biblical principles.
Counselling from a Christian perspective is available to those who desire this approach. Not all Christians desire counselling from a Christian perspective. I have worked with clergy in the past, providing totally secular perspective. You as the client decide how we work together.
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