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Do you find that you are regularly fearful and worried about life? Do you feel overwhelming anxiety in social situations, in new surroundings, and when meeting new people. Maybe you find it hard to make decisions and overly worried about the potential consequences of the decisions you make. Is the fear and worry beginning to have a real impact on your life? Counselling for anxiety can have a real and lasting impact on your anxiety.

Anxiety can affect you in a number of ways, physical symptoms can include feeling like your heart is racing, shortness of breath, tenseness or a difficulty sleeping. As well as physical side effects, anxiety can also affect the way you think. Anxiety can cause you to think more negatively than normal. It can cause you to feel nervous or to have a feeling of dread. It can also make you feel paranoid, as if other people can see that you are anxious. When feeling extremely anxious it could even result in panic attacks.


Whilst it is normal to feel anxious about that big job interview, or leading up to a big speaking engagement. But some people have a heightened feeling of anxiety on a pretty much daily basis. This can have a debilitating effect on your life, making you feel like you are trapped within yourself.

The good news is that counselling can really help you to overcome your anxiety. Counselling has been proven to be at least as effective as medication for treating anxiety. You don’t always have to live with those anxious feelings. I have helped many people just like you to overcome their feelings of anxiety and live happy, fulfilling lives.

Counselling can help you. Call today in on 0121 392 8222 for an informal chat about how you could benefit. Alternatively email me on welcome@counselling3sixty.co.uk.