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Anger Management

What has your anger cost you? Your job? Your home? Your family? Or maybe the cost has been your self respect, pride and dignity. Some people feel like they have no control over their temper. Uncontrolled, explosive rage can have a massive impact on your life, your relationships and your happiness.

Anger can manifest itself in different ways, through shouting, swearing, acts of damage to property, or even violence. This intense feeling can even be internalised causing feelings of bitterness and can even lead to mental or physical ill health.


The┬ámain thing to remember is that people can change. You may have struggled with anger your whole life. Maybe you can’t imagine a time when you will be able to control your temper, but people can and do change. You can change.

I am a specialist in delivering anger management coaching and counselling. I have helped hundreds of people to regain control delivering group and 1-2-1 sessions. I am licensed to deliver the Citizen Anger Management program, which is a patented anger management system. This program has been helping people to control their anger for over 10 years.

The program helps by helping you develop practical solutions to the things that cause you to lose it. It also helps you to become more aware of your triggers, giving you back the power to control. We can also help you to be choose more effective responses to the people and situations that stress you out, helping you to avoid the confrontations and the consequences of losing your temper.

You can control it. You do have a choice. Your anger doesn’t always have to control you. Call today on 0121 392 822 to find out how anger management can help you to regain control. Alternatively email me on welcome@counselling3sixty.co.uk and let me help you to manage your anger.